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Year 11 and 13 Exam Support

Year 11 Alternative Timetable

To accommodate the Year 11 Exams an alternative timetable will commence on 13th May 2019.

Year 11 Alternative Timetable 2019

Year 11 Alternative Timetable Guide 2019

Revision Planning

In order to support students with revision planning we have provided the following:

Summer 2019 GCSE Examination Schedule: This details when each GCSE paper is scheduled for the summer exam season.

Summer 2019 A Level Examination Schedule: This details when each A Level paper is scheduled for the summer exam season.

Please be aware that a contingency day for  examinations of 26th June has been implemented this year, should sustained national or local disruption arise during the June exams and students will need to be available up to this date.

Revision Planning Template: This maps out all of the weeks in 2019 up to the end of the  examination season, split into hour slots, so that students can map out their revision times. 

GCSE Exam Topics for Revision: In this booklet we have tried to provide a breakdown of the GCSE topics that will need to be revised for each subject.

GCSE Revision Sessions

Below is a list of revision taking place at lunch time and after school.

Please speak to specific departments for which rooms these are taking place in and the topics being delivered.

As well as this IT3 is open at lunchtimes for Year 11 students to come and revise in, with access to computers and revision resources.



After school


Computer Science/Maths




DT drop in/ Music


Computer Science, History, Textiles

DT drop in







GCSE Study Support

GCSE study support is also provided through:

The PiXL Maths App website:

Corbett Maths website:

Tassomai Science website:

GCSE Pod website:  

Vocab Express website:

Examination Equipment

Below is a list of the equipment that we recommend ALL students in ALL year groups have, along with some tips and suggestions that could help to gain an extra few marks that could be the difference between one grade and the next:

Black pens

Tip: find a style of pen that your child finds comfortable to write with -  they will write a lot and it will help with their stamina if they are more comfortable

Basic Maths equipment, which means a pencil, ruler, a protractor and a compass

Tip: clear rulers are better as students can see the information that is under the ruler without having to keep moving it out of the way

A scientific calculator

Tip: The Casio FX83 is recommended as the way that it calculates some equations is more helpful to students than other calculators

Coloured pencils (for Design and Technology exams)