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Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education is the study of sport and fitness through a range of sporting activities to develop students understanding of the theory behind sport and exercise and inspire students to lead healthy and active lives.

Our curriculum purpose in Physical Education is to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through a broad range of physical activities and fitness concepts to become physically confident, competent and competitive in a variety of sports and engaged in leading active and healthy lifestyles.

Our curriculum aims for Physical Education are framed around the National Curriculum and the exam specifications we follow and is broad and varied and carefully sequenced to allow:

  • Our students to feel happy and safe in a sporting environment and to be supported to thrive and develop as healthy individuals. Our students will be encouraged and supported to reflect on their own lifestyles and be inspired to continue their own sport and fitness activities through our curriculum opportunities, alongside our extensive enrichment curriculum. Students are provided with additional learning opportunities through our extra-curricular clubs and through links with community clubs to continue to lead active and healthy lifestyles.
  • Our students to develop extensive knowledge and understanding of the theory behind sport and fitness to improve their practical performance. They will develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding of a range of sports, becoming adept at applying the correct rules and techniques for the sport and being able to select appropriate tactics/compositional ideas to maximise performance and ‘be the best that they can be’. They will develop their understanding of how the physiological and psychological states effect sporting performance and develop their knowledge of how socio-cultural factors influence involvement in sport.
  •  Students to develop the ability to analyse, evaluate and improve their own and others performance in sporting activities to support their progress through their Physical Education journey at the College.
  • Students to be engaged in developing their own character and values, recognising the importance of fair-play, respect and placing value on teamwork and collaboration. They will develop their leadership qualities and confidence to lead others within a sporting context and recognise the importance of coaches and officials within sport also.

We will implement this in Physical Education with the aim of ensuring our students can be the best they can be across a range of sports/fitness activities.