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Personal, Social, Citizenship, Health and Economic Education (PSCHE)

At The Latimer Arts College our PSCHE is woven into the curricular delivered by individual subjects, both complementing this content and delivering topics that are taught discretely. 

Our KS3 and 4 Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSCHE) programme and our Relationship and Sex Education programme (RSE) meets the statutory guidance and is delivered through timetables lessons throughout the school) and is continued into our KS5 Personal Development Programme.

We have adopted the Cre8tive Curriculum, through which we also strive to develop our students' Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) understanding. 

On first implementing the curriculum, parents and carers were asked for their views on the content of our Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) Policy, including consulting with our Parent and Carer Forum.  Further consultation will occur if significant changes are introduced.   

In order to support parents and carers to engage with the topics that are being delivered, we publish a yearly overview of our curriculum; we publish a termly update in our newsletters; we routinely signpost parents and carers to supporting material in our fortnightly newsletter.

Should any parent or carer wish to express views on our Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) Policy or wish to have support in navigating these topics with their children, please contact Ms J. Daniels, PSCHE Lead teacher

Students have a variety of ways of expressing their views on the curriculum including: through their PDP session; our Student Voice email; and our Student Council.

Curriculum Aims

At Latimer, during PSCHE lessons we aim to develop ideas, thoughts, opinions and above all educate students in order to be able to make decisions in their every day life should they encounter relevant situations. Students are taught to respect other opinions and be thoughtful of how words impact others and how the world is changing around them. Students are taught subject matter linking the schools HEART Ethos and have entwined these values into all PSCHE lessons in all years.

If life is an exam we aim for them to pass it with flying colours and with minimal stresses.

Curriculum Design

The Creative Curriculum that our students follow is a spiral curriculum, where key themes are delivered and revisited as students progress through their Latimer journey, becoming more complex at the age appropriate time.   Each term covers one of six core themes:

  1. Rights and Responsibilities and British Values (RBV)
  2. Celebrating Diversity and Equality (CDE)
  3. Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)
  4. Staying Safe Online and Offline (SOO)
  5. Health and Wellbeing (H&W)
  6. Life Beyond School (LBS)

This programme is enhanced by our subscription to 'Votes for Schools' which supports students to have weekly impartial discussion on a challenging current issue, linked to our Cre8tive Curriculum themes.  This process of democracy in action supports our promotion of fundamental British values. 

Our assemblies are diverse and seek to underpin the Personal Development Programme and promote and reinforce our values of Honesty, Excellence, Ambition, Respect and Teamwork.  Regular assemblies are delivered on topical issues.

Please click the link to view our PSCHE Curriculum Year Overview

Future Pathways and Next Steps

Through the study of PSCHE we aim to unlock each students' potential and inspire them to achieve excellence by being the best they can be. This can lead to a wide range of future opportunities in a wide range of subjects,

These opportunities include:

University courses around the country studying Degrees and Vocational Qualifications

Apprenticeships in various careers

Full Time Employment in the students chosen career.

Students can find out more about the subject and careers above by logging into their Unifrog account at and using the Subject Library and Careers Library tools.