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Mathematics is the study of interconnected topics around the themes of number, algebra, shape, data and probability.  It provides students with the tools to solve problems and communicate these solutions to others. As such it represents a key component of other subjects that students will study and provides a common language for problem-solving across all of these disciplines.

Our curriculum purpose in Mathematics is to develop our students’ understanding of the mathematical world around them in order to provide them with the problem-solving and communication skills that they will require for their further study and careers. Our curriculum aims to allow students to develop a range of problem solving strategies whilst exposing them to a broad variety of topics and question types which are interleaved throughout to allow students to accumulate knowledge and to promote retention of this knowledge.  Students’ mathematical confidence is built through an acceptance of initial errors and discussions around misconceptions whilst allowing them to see their progression by using appropriate assessments.  Our mathematics curriculum is one curriculum that works for all.

Our curriculum for Mathematics is framed around the National Curriculum and carefully sequenced to ensure that mathematical knowledge is built over time.  Topics are regularly reviewed and revisited to promote retention of knowledge and the connections between mathematical topics and ideas are highlighted.  Our curriculum promotes a ‘teaching for understanding’ philosophy and is broken down into well documented small steps.  It builds on KS2 content and prepares students for KS5 content providing a rich, broad and varied experience, both accessible and challenging for all learners. The initial focus is on the fundamentals of mathematics and once fluency has been achieved, to go on to be able to reason mathematically and solve problems.

Students will develop their levels of numeracy together with a range of problem-solving skills that are transferable to other subjects that they study as well as to their future careers. They will develop their mathematical language to allow them to discuss and question the mathematics they are doing whilst being given the opportunity to articulate their views and listen to the views of others.

Our curriculum is aspirational for all students whilst taking into account their levels of pre-requisite knowledge before commencing each unit of study.  Students are encouraged to demonstrate resilience to overcome the challenges they will encounter and work in an environment where mistakes are normalised and recognised as part of the learning journey.

We will implement this in Maths with the aim of ensuring our students can be the best they can be.