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Studying Drama allows for a balance between personal discovery, building confidence, developing empathy, gaining theoretical understanding and honing subject specific practical skills.   We strive to instil a lifelong appreciation of Drama and for students to understand its relevance within the Performing Arts world and beyond.

Our key principle is that Drama should engage and inspire students to develop a love of studying, analysing, evaluating and creating powerful, impactful drama, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.

Curriculum Aims

Our curriculum aims for Drama are framed around the exam specifications we follow and is rich, broad and varied and carefully sequenced.  

We aim to ensure that our students are exposed to rich, broad and varied theatre, through which they develop a critical engagement with Drama, allowing them to devise and to watch with discrimination the best practitioners and performers.  

Students will explore a diverse range of performance texts, understanding their social, cultural and historical context including the theatrical conventions of the period in which they were created and develop a range of theatrical skills and apply them to create performance.   

Student will work collaboratively to generate, develop and communicate ideas and develop as creative, effective, independent and reflective learners who are able to make informed choices in process and performance and to reflect on and evaluate their own work and that of others in a safe and supportive environment where they are encouraged and supported to take artistic risks.

Curriculum Design

Our Drama curriculum is designed around the key skills of performance, devising and understanding.  Throughout our curriculum these key concepts are introduced in the first few topics in Year 7 and then throughout the rest of the year, in subsequent years and beyond to GCSE and A-level, they are embedded and developed to achieve increasing confidence, maturity and sophistication. The aim of our curriculum is to produce a rounded artist, with sound practical and theoretical skills.

Please click the link to view our Drama Curriculum Year Overview

Future Pathways and Next Steps 

Through the study of Drama, we aim to unlock each students' potential and inspire them to achieve excellence by being the best they can be through their participation in engaging and creative lessons that challenge them at an academic and practical level.  This can lead to a wide range of future opportunities, some of which include:  

University Degrees: Creative Writing, Musical Theatre, Performing Arts

Apprenticeships: Arts Therapists, Live Event Technician

Careers: Actor, Costume/Lighting or Sound Designer/ Engineer, Director, Events Manager, Stage Manager, Television Presenter, Theatre Director, Theatre Manager, Theatrical Make-up Designer

Students can find out more about the subject and careers above by logging into their Unifrog account at and using the Subject Library and Careers Library tools.