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Art and Design

Art and Design equips students with the skills to enjoy, produce and engage with the visual arts throughout their lives.

Studying Art and Design will provide students with a broad awareness of the relationship between Art and society in addition to enhanced fine motor skills, imaginative processes, aesthetic awareness, communication skills and problem-solving qualities.

Our curriculum intent for Art and Design is centred around the National Curriculum and the exam specifications we follow. Our curriculum content reflects the multidisciplinary strengths and expertise within our teaching team, which allows us to deliver specialist Graphics, Photography, Fine Art, Textiles and Ceramics based units of work. We consider the formal elements to be the foundation of artistic endeavour and students are supported to explore critically how artists, craftspeople and designers have arrived at solutions and communicated meaning using the formal elements.

Our curriculum has students engage with the work of creative practitioners from a diverse range of cultures, times and societies – from major historical art movements to contemporary international and local artists – including ex-students. We employ a wide range of sources to cultivate respect and tolerance of a range of beliefs, opinions and cultures, both past and present. We foster a drive to know more and hearten our students to become inquisitive about the wider world in which they live, we want then to see Art and Design in the context of a potential employer and signpost them to the creative industries throughout their schemes of work. It is key that our learners understand how Art and Design contributes to the culture and wealth of our nation.

Our curriculum places value on the concept of the creative journey, supporting students in evidencing the key learning objectives through a process of sustained enquiry, recording insights and observations, developing ideas and realising intentions. Through this process they gain extensive, relevant knowledge and useful transferable skills.

Art and Design has immense value and aims to lead our students to being the best that they can be.