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Detailed below are the staff who are employed by the school and their main role.  Should you wish to contact a member of staff this can be done by:

  • Emailing the central email address
  • Emailing the member of staff directly using their initial and surname, followed by  For example,
  • Contacting our Visitors Reception on 01536 720300

Please note that our aim is to acknowledge communication within 24 hours and to respond fully in a reasonable timeframe.  However, staff are not expected to respond to communication outside of the normal working day: Monday - Thursday 8.00am - 4.00pm and Friday 8.00am - 3.30pm and/or their contracted working hours if this is different. 

Teaching Staff 

Senior Leadership Team

Principal Mrs K Murphy
Vice Principal: Standards and Outcomes Mr S Harvey
Assistant Principal: Wider Curriculum & Sixth form Ms K Gallon
Assistant Principal: Curriculum Mr K Matthews
Assistant Principal: Attendance, Behaviour & Safeguarding  
Assistant Principal: Teaching & Learning Mrs C Stewart
Business Manager Mrs D Castley

Wider Curriculum Team

 Progress Leader: Wider Curriculum Mr T McGuire
Assistant Progress Leader Wider Curriculum: 

Miss J Milson

Miss C Went

Attenborough House Leader

Mr S Tamkin

Gilbert House Leader Mr L Hayo
Kahlo House Leader Mr F Walmsley
Tull House Leader Mrs C Al Noah Ponder
Sixth Form Leader: Mr C Tebbutt

Art and Design Technology

Progress Leader Mrs MJ Ashcroft
Assistant Progress Leaders

Mrs E Starmer

Mr S Weller


Mrs L Cowley

Mr M Twigg

Business Studies, Computing and Media

Progress Leader Mr D Arnold
Assistant Progress Leaders

Mrs L Brooks

Miss S Mistry


Mr C Tebbutt


Progress Leader

Mr G Nunney

Assistant Progress Leaders

Mrs V Langstone

Mrs E Spikesley-Douglas

Literacy Lead Mrs R Hawkins

Mrs O Ellis

Mr S Goss

Mrs K Hammond-Stark

Mr L Hayo

Mrs S Horsley

Mrs A Perrott

Mrs S Roberts


Progress Leader Mrs H Sumner
Assistant Progress Leaders

Miss N Coles

Mrs R Sangherra


Miss E Bentley

Mrs R Cool
Mr S Harvey

Mrs S Holmes

Miss F Hughes
Mr K Matthews

Miss A Perkins

Mrs C Stewart
Mr S Tamkin

Mr F Walmsley

Mrs A West

Learning Support

SENDCo Miss A Thomson 


Progress Leader Mr M Wall
Assistant Progress Leader

Mrs M Simons

Mrs C Twiddy


Mrs A Allison

Mrs P Simons
Mrs C Strudwick
Mr T Urry

Mr P Woolley

HLTA: Miss C Edwards

Performing Arts

Progress Leader Miss C Eyley
Assistant Progress Leader Mrs K Ilersic

Mr B Freestone

Ms K Gallon

Mr S Goss
Miss J Milson

Physical Education

Progress Leader Mr S Hallett
Assistant Progress Leader Miss Z Turnbull

Ms C Al-Noah Ponder

Mr T McGuire

Mrs Z McGuire
Miss C Went
Mr P Woolley


Progress Leaders Mrs J Cook 
Assistant Progress Leaders

Mr D Coe

Miss C Morson


Mr A Atiemo
Mr B Goodman
Mrs A Green

Miss J Mistry

Mrs C Randell
Miss D Rowell

Mr S Snook

Ms E Spiller
Mr G Winsall


Mrs B Ozdemir

Social Sciences

Progress Leader Mrs E Glossop
Assistant Progress Leader Mrs N Wignall

Miss N Coles

Mrs N Collingwood

Mrs C Stewart

Cover Team


Mr D Burton

Ms J Medlock

Mr M Wright

Non Teaching Staff 


Administrative Team Manager Principal's PA: Ms J Ridley

Reprographics Assistant

Mr N Cranston
Visitor Receptionist Mrs A Black
Wider Curriculum Administrative Assistants

Mrs C Cowland 

Mrs L Shore

Sixth Form Centre Manager Miss S Magee

Student Support

Student Support Team Manager

Mrs J Birnie

Looked After Children and EHA Lead Mrs H Angel
Attendance Officer Mrs V Angel
Student Support Officers

Mr D Capps

Mr K Collins

Mrs L Ellison

Mrs C Turner (safeguarding)

Mrs V Valet

Student Support Team Administrative Assistant Mrs P Clark

abm Catering Solutions 

Catering Manager Mrs K Howett


Estates Manager Mr P Underwood
Estates Team

Mr B Dunn

Mr M Clipson

Mr D Lowe

Mrs M Quartermaine


Finance Assistants

Mrs L Baird

Mrs M Barratt

Personnel Assistant Mrs A Byers

Information, Advice and Guidance

Independent Careers Advisor Mrs N Stanbridge 
Administrator: Careers Education and Guidance Ms V Stanyon                                                                       

IT Services

IT Services Manager Mr P Davies
Senior IT Technician Mr C Lamb
IT Technician

Mr N Spence


Librarian Mrs R Brooking

Learning Support Unit (LSU)

Learning Support Manager Mrs B Oliver
SEND Specialist Intervention Mentor

Mrs S Thornton


Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs A Marlow

Mr A Welch

LSU Administrative Assistant Ms L Giacobbe
Learning Support Assistants (LSA)

Miss V Diachenko
Mrs M Sullivan

Mrs A Tibble

Lunchtime Supervisors

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs R Knight
Mrs L Lewis

Student Services

Student Services Manager Mrs J Love
Exams and Data Officer Mrs T Levick
Student Services Administrative Assistants

Mrs J Hemmington

Mrs R Pollard

Ms B Winfield


Art Technician Mrs A Moodie
Design Technician Mr Richard Box
Food Technician Mrs J Bonas
PE Technician Mrs M Quartermaine
Senior Science Technician Vacancy
Science Technician Miss G Russell