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Safeguarding and Child Protection


Safeguarding our students is paramount and the college takes its safeguarding responsibilities seriously as set out in our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, which can be found on our Policies page

This policy has been devised in accordance with North Northamptonshire County Council guidelines and:

Child Protection

In accordance with the Department for Education guidelines, the college has a duty to keep parents/carers informed of its responsibilities with regards to Child Protection.  In line with this, should the college have reason to suspect a child is at risk, it is our duty to inform the relevant agencies of our concerns and to work with them as required.

In particular, we are expected to notify Social Services if there is unexplained absence of more than two days for a student who is on the Child Protection Register.  Another duty is to inform the Education Welfare service if any student is missing from college for 10 days without notification having been received.

Should you or your child have any concerns about safeguarding, please contact either:

Designated Senior Lead Ms Jyoti Pankhania
Deputy Designated Senior Lead Mrs Heidi Angel
Deputy Designated Senior Lead Mrs Sue Hutchins
Safeguarding Officer Mr Steve Harvey
Safeguarding Officer (6th Form) Miss Sue Magee
Safeguarding Officer Mrs Ann-Marie Black
Safeguarding Officer Mrs Anne-Marie Bowers
Safeguarding Officer (SEND) Mrs Victoria Angel

Access to College Site

We would ask parents/carers to support us in ensuring our students are safe by not entering the college site in cars in order to drop off their child at the start of the college day, or when collecting their child at the end of the college day.  Parents/carers who drop off and collect students who need extra support with mobility may still enter the college site and a car park pass will be issued on request.  Please contact the Visitors’ Receptionist about this.

In association with this, may we remind you that the college day starts at 8.25am.  After this time, access points to the college will be secured until the end of the college day.  Entry throughout the day will only be via the Castle Way entrance. 

Filming and Promotional Photography

At The Latimer Arts College, we aim to ensure that we deliver the highest quality learning experience for your child.  As part of an ongoing programme of professional development for staff, some lessons will be observed and filmed for training purposes throughout the course of each academic year.  This filming will not be for public viewing or for use with the students.  It is purely for staff training.

However, in order to promote the college’s success, photographs of students are often taken.  Some of these may be used for publicity purposes.  We request that you confirm, in writing, should you not wish your child to be filmed or photographed.  Please note that, under GDPR rules, from Year 9 onwards it is a student, and not a parent/carer, whose permission will be sought.