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A-level Politics is relevant and challenging. It stretches students' thinking, challenges preconceptions and traces political ideas back to their origin. It is academic, lively and controversial. The course content is broad and appeals to a wide range of learners who bring a broad spectrum of perspectives and so offers challenge for all.

Our key principle in Politics is to apply a range of knowledge, and analytical skills in order to evaluate the workings of political systems and processes, both in the UK and the USA, allowing students thrive as good citizens.

Curriculum Aims

Our curriculum aims for Politics are framed around the exam specifications we follow and is rich, broad and varied and carefully sequenced.  Our aim is for students to become inquisitive about the wider world in which they live by studying political examples from both the current UK and USA systems. 

Students will gain extensive, relevant knowledge and an informed understanding of contemporary political structures and issues in their historical context, both within the United Kingdom and globally and develop a critical awareness of the changing nature of politics and the relationships between political ideas, institutions and processes, which promote a student’s sense of social responsibility. 

Our aim is for students to develop the ability to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate political information to form arguments and make judgements as critical and reflective thinkers, with inquisitive minds. They will ask relevant questions about a range of beliefs, opinions and cultures which have an impact on decisions in government and politics.

Students will develop a high level of literacy skill set to contrast, compare and evaluate political systems, processes and ideologies in the UK and the USA. 

Curriculum Design

Please click the link to view our Politics Curriculum Year Overview

Future Pathways and Next Steps 

Through the study of Politics we aim to unlock each students' potential and inspire them to achieve excellence by being the best they can be. This can lead to a wide range of future opportunities, some of which include:  

University Degrees: Anthropology, History, International Relations, Journalism, Law, Politics

Apprenticeships: Intelligence Analyst, Police Officer

Careers: Bodyguard, Civil Servant, Political Campaign Manager, Political Scientist, Social Researcher, TV Presenter

Students can find out more about the subject and careers above by logging into their Unifrog account at and using the Subject Library and Careers Library tools.