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Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) is knowledge about the local or national demand for different skills and from different industries.  LMI provides details on:

  • The jobs that are likely to be easiest or hardest to find in our area
  • The big employers in our area and which ones have jobs available
  • The skills employers are looking for and which are in short supply
  • The wage you can expect to earn in specific jobs
  • The working conditions of particular careers
  • The qualifications that will be the most helpful if you want a certain career
  • The jobs of the future and what they could look like
  • The jobs that are at risk of disappearing

How to use labour market information (LMI) to help make career decisions.

LMI can be found in many places including:

  • National Careers Service 
  • Employer websites & social media - job vacancies
  • University/college websites & social media – league tables, entry requirements
  • Unifrog - Searching for Opportunities tools and the Careers and Subjects Libraries
  • Careers Adviser – via individual careers appointments at school
  • Careers Fairs – via school visits

Explore different jobs using the Skillsometer and Careerometer here.