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Iceland 2009

The Iceland 2009 was a trip of a lifetime, seeing many things you would never meet on your usual holiday! It

consisted of us firstly going to the Blue Lagoon (once we had landed) which is a geothermal pool and is very

good for exfoliating the skin! The high standard of accommodation we later went to surprised all students after

we’d been told we were going to be staying in a hostel!


The next day was very busy, visiting many of Iceland’s hotspots such as Gulfoss Waterfalls, Geysir (where we

came across a Russian film crew!), Thingvellir National Park where the Parliamentary plains are and a lot of

sleeping on the coach inbetween. A mention must go to our tour guide Sculi who would not stop talking. Ask

any student who went and they‘ll be able to tell you every farmyard animal that lives in Iceland!


That night we were hoping to see the Northern Lights in a remote part of Iceland. Unfortunately due to cloud

coverage this was not possible. Although we were disappointed, a good night’s sleep didn‘t go unappreciated

as we were all shattered!


Saturday came and we went to The Black Sand Beach and had the chance to walk on a glacier (Miss

Whorwood gave us a spectacular presentation of how to safely get down, with the rest of us at the bottom

filming!). When we arrived back in Rekjavik, the whole group went out for dinner at Pizza Hut and some went

on to see Rekjavik town centre afterwards.


Overall the trip was thoroughly enjoyable, and exceeded many of our expectations. A big thank you must go

to Miss Whorwood for organising the trip and also to Miss Hamilton and Mr Corrigan for their non-stop

entertainment! It was a trip many of us will remember forever!

Emily Ablitt and Laura Mason