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Business Studies gives students the opportunity to study a broad range of functions that a business carries out in order to succeed in an ever evolving world, analysing the possible effects of a particular course of action and evaluating its success.

The Business Studies curriculum is designed to equip students with the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to develop their wider knowledge of the world, employability skills and entrepreneurial ability and to apply knowledge and understanding to business decision-making, considering the interdependent nature of business activities.  Students have the opportunity to assess how different business contexts affect business decisions and how information supports this process. Students develop problem-solving skills relevant to investigating, analysing and evaluating business opportunities using an enquiring and critical approach to make informed judgements.

Business and Enterprise is an important part of the UK economy and play’s a major role in the UK’s global status.  Demand for employment in these areas is likely to continue to rise and expand, playing a key role in UK society.  It is important that our learners develop the key transferable skills to fill these careers. The role of entrepreneurs is to help create wealth for the nation and its citizens through the creation of enterprises that innovate and grow the economy. There are nearly 5 million such businesses in the UK, employing about 14.4 million people. In 2015, small and medium enterprises contributed to £24 billion in the UK economy. This is mirrored in our local context and understanding how organisations operate is key to our student’s future success.

The curriculum aims for Business Studies are thorough, covering all the key functions a business carries out.  To ensure its breadth, we also examine the external environment in which businesses operate and we live. The course is sequenced to ensure students have a holistic grounding in the subject prior to beginning any of their assessed modules and to ensure they develop the key skills necessary to understand a range of perspectives. Students will also benefit from taking part in relevant personal career planning and development including researching job roles and better understanding the recruitment process. Students will also benefit from guest speakers from their local community and beyond. 

The courses have been designed to been developed to provide learners with a realistic and thought-provoking introduction to the world of business and help learners to develop their knowledge of business theory, and allow them to use their creativity and entrepreneurism. Through following the program of study students will develop as effective and independent students, and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds.



The curriculum is designed to give opportunities for all to be the best student of business they can be