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Talent Focus: Emma Nannery

I play the piano, saxophone and flute, and I also enjoy singing. My first musical instrument is the piano, I started learning when I was 7.  I thoroughly enjoy all of the aspects Music - for example performing individual pieces, or in a group with friends, and also being able to compose your own pieces of music.

Also, I have always enjoyed taking part in the extracurricular music opportunities within the college, and out of school. Being a part of these clubs has introduced me to being an accompanist, which allows me to play for choirs in and out of school.  I love to be involved in the music concerts in the college. As well as the enjoyment, they have increased my confidence a great deal, and I have met a lot of people through them.

Out of school, I auditioned to be part of NMPAT, which I attend 4 times a week in Northampton, in the training orchestra, Jazz group, Saxophone group, and flute group. NMPAT is a trust that enables young musicians to be a part of Northamptonshire’s orchestras and choirs, and other groups. I have been very fortunate to be given the opportunity to express my love for music. It takes up almost all of my free time, and it requires lots of dedication and commitment, but it is great fun!

I have been involved in music festivals and competitions in the past, for example, the Eisteddfod, and I have been lucky enough to come first in some categories.

I have loved every opportunity I have been given so far, and I look forward to other experiences I may take part in, in the future. I would love to say thank you to the Latimer music department for giving me amazing opportunities and challenging me to be the best that I can be!

Emma Nannery