Sixth Form Pathways

Our key aim is to support our Sixth Form students to become well-rounded, highly skilled and well-qualified young adults, in an environment where they are encouraged to become increasingly self-reliant and independent.  We pride ourselves on supporting our students in making the right choices as they join the Sixth Form and in preparation for their next steps once they have completed their level 3 qualifications through our 'Passport to Success' programme.

Our pathway choices in Sixth Form are broad and cover the requirements of the 16-19 Study Programme.  They are enhanced by our collaboration with Southfield School, which enables us to offer a wider range of subject choices to the students at both schools. 

Details of our curriculum offer for those students commencing post-16 studies in September 2017 can be viewed below:

Latimer Sixth Form General Information and Application Form 2017

Latimer Sixth Form Curriculum Subject Offer 2017-2019

Details of our curriculum for those who commenced post-16 studies in September 2016 can be viewed below:

Latimer Sixth Form Curriculum Subject Offer 2016-2018

Extended Curriculum Subject Offer at Southfield School 2016-2018

Outcomes in the Sixth Form can be viewed on our exam results page.

Please contact the college directly if you wish to receive more information about our Sixth Form curriculum.

Please read our Sixth Form Handbook, which provides information to support you with your post-16 studies.