Parent Support Advisor (PSA)

Being a parent/carer can be a difficult job. Unfortunately Children / Young People don’t arrive with a training manual or a volume control and parenting can at times seem an impossible task.  Having someone in school who you can talk to, who is not a teacher or the Principal, may help prevent difficulties for you and your child in school.

The PSA will work with you to support your child and ensure they get the best from their day to day lives in school and is available for you to help you ensure your child attends school regularly, and work with you to avoid difficulties which may result in your child missing school.
Children who attend school regularly achieve success and fulfil their potential.
The PSA job is to help you to understand your responsibilities as a parent, and work with you and your family to achieve that success for your child.  Our PSA, Diane Goodings, can be  contacted at the school 01536 720300 ext 364, or alternatively by e-mail at