Gifted and Talented Curriculum

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Lightbox is the name of a whole school strategy that will provide opportunities for our More Able Learners, Gifted and Talented students.


More Able Learner


Gifted Learner


Talented Learner

The student demonstrates the potential to become gifted and or talented. They will do especially well in certain subjects.
The student demonstrates the ability to excel academically in one or more subject.
E.g. Science, Maths, Business Studies.
The student demonstrates the ability to excel with practical skill in one or more subject.
E.g. Art, Drama, Dance, Leadership...


The Vision

  • To provide a differentiated provision, in and out of the classroom, for more able learners.
  • To provide alternative, personalised learning pathways for the more able.
  • To be accessible for all.
  • To raise standards and provide challenge through a range of learning opportunities.

The Lightbox  Provision:

  • Challenge based project work that will offer further support and enhancement to our curriculum.
  • Enrichment opportunities will include trips, clubs, partnerships with other schools and links with industry professionals.
  • Lightbox activities will encourage learning beyond the classroom and engagement with the community and beyond.

Further Information

  • A student could be identified as a More  Able Learner, Gifted and/or Talented in a number of subject areas. 
  • Students will be assessed against the departmental G&T Lightbox criteria for each subject.  Students will be made aware if they have been identified as a Lightbox Learner.   
  • The academic progress of Lightbox Learner’s  will be monitored and reviewed by subject teachers throughout the academic year.
  • All students could work towards becoming a Lightbox Learner and are welcome to become involved in the Lightbox programme.