At The Latimer Arts College, we maintain a relentless focus on learning in order to fulfil our aim to be:

A vibrant and creative centre of learning;

A college that buzzes with energy and enthusiasm stemming from the innovative and engaging curriculum;

A place where the enjoyment will be almost tangible!

Our curriculum offers breadth, diversity and choice.  In Years 7, 8 and 9 students experience a broad range of subjects before following more specialised pathways from Year 10 (GCSEs and equivalents) and Year 12 (A Level and equivalents).

An overview of our full curriculum offer is outlined in the documents below.

Click here for the latest Year 12 Pathways information.

  1. Year 7 Curriculum Overview
  2. Year 8 Curriculum Overview
  3. Year 9 Curriculum Overview
  4. Year 10 Pathways 2014 The Routes
  5. Year 10 Pathways Booklet 2014